Preservation of Energy & Natural Resources, Beautification, Recycling, Forestry and Animal Protection

The GFWC Environment Community Service Program encourages us to become stewards of the earth by working to preserve the world’s resources, protect wildlife and domesticated animals, live sustainably, and beautify our communities and enjoy nature.

Creating an interest in conservation among our youth is vital as well. Activities in this Community Service program area are designed to increase awareness of important issues for America’s natural resources, preserving our national parks and observing days that commemorate conservation activities. Water and air quality, pollution, loss of habitat for animals, and preserving and improving the appearance and healthful conditions and beautification of our own communities are critical matters.


All of our members recycle cans, bottles and plastic at both Club events and meetings, as well as our own households on a daily basis. Our Club also collected wine bottles for a District event, egg cartons for Bailey Care Center, towels & blankets for animal shelters, manufacturer coupons for Military, greeting cards for St. Jude’s, toiletries for DVAC and battered women’s shelters, retired eyeglasses for Lion’s Club, disposal of used batteries, yarn for supplying chemo caps, cancelled postage stamps for TUBFRIM.

Some of our Projects Include:

  • Pennies for Pines (acres of trees planted in Calif. National forests)
  • Wildlife Waystation
  • Theodore Payne Foundation
  • Glendale Crescenta V.O.I.C.E.
  • The Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy, Rosemont Preserve
  • National Arbor Day
  • Foothill & Glendale Grafitti & Paint Out & Clean Up
  • Pasadena & Glendale Humane Society collections/support
  • National Wildlife Federation donation
  • DELTA Rescue
  • Sea Otter & Dolphin protection
  • Animal Shelters (towels & blankets)
  • Recycling at home, club meetings, & events  & disposed of used batteries properly
  • Observing Arbor Day, Earth Day, Keep America Beautiful Month, National Park Week
  • Penny Pines (Conservation Project that replaces damaged pine trees in our National Forests)
  • TUBFRIM (Cancelled Postage Stamps collection –sent through Sons of Norway)  
  • Beeve Foundation & Lion’s Club (retired eyeglasses)
  • Generosity Water

Collections for Animal Shelters 

Members gather items for animals as an ongoing project, such as blankets and towels, to take them to local animal shelters during the year.  Other items collected are dog and cat food, leashes, baby receiving blankets for new puppies & kittens, and an automatic water dispenser. One member purchases soft blankets and takes time to cut them into smaller squares and sews edges on them to go in the doggy beds.   Beneficiaries of these items have included Glendale Humane Society, Friends for Life, Canoga Park Humane Society  & DELTA Rescue.  Let us know if you have any of these items and you would like to donate them.