Enhancing talents of Adults & Youth through Arts & Crafts, Photography, Music, Performing & Creative Art Programs & Culture

The study of art and culture enriches the human experience. Art education improves problem solving and critical thinking skills, builds focus and perseverance, and nurtures creativity, confidence, and collaboration. Cultural awareness promotes effective communication and profoundly increases the ability to appreciate and enjoy a variety of new people and experiences.

Activities in the Arts Community Service Program area are designed to stimulate the artistic interests of GFWC members to create and contribute to art education in their community. We encourage participation in the various GFWC contests including Photography, Painting, Crafts, Music, Writing and Performing Arts. We promote creative arts as a means of artistic self-expression and strive to provide opportunities and experiences that cross many genre within the arts. Another aim is to foster opportunities in the arts for those with disabilities, as well as recognizing achievements, and preserving art as a natural resource.

Our goal is to create projects and cultural activities that include crafts, dance, drama, food, music, and other manifestations of art and culture that develop skills, awareness, and appreciation, and enable members to become better world citizens through advocacy, education, and action. It is designed to inspire clubwomen and ignite within them a desire to make the world a more beautiful, thoughtful, and caring place.

Some of our Projects Include:

  • Art Scholarships (Roberta Kurtz)
  • McGroarty Arts Center
  • Collect Art Supplies for schools
  • Attend Theater & Musical Performances
  • Visit Museums
  • Musical Programs & Competitions
  • Make Craft Items and host arts/crafts booths at local events
  • CV High School Graphic Arts Program and Instrumental Music Program
  • District Crafts Support & Competitions (District Fine Arts Festival)
  • Art baskets to YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter
  • School Art Docent Programs
  • Showcase of local child artist performers & school bands
  • Sponsor preservation of GFWC historic landmark building
  • Operation Christmas Child (send shoe boxes filled with crafts and other items)
  • Holiday Cards & Holiday Placemat Decorated for the Elderly

Roberta Kurtz Scholarship for the Arts – Roberta Kurtz was a long time member of our Club, and upon her passing, she left us an Endowment Fund. This Fund was to be used to grant a Scholarship each year to a deserving graduating high school senior majoring in the Arts. Each year, we honor her wishes, and award a Scholarship to an outstanding art student. We present the scholarship at a Student Festival held at our Club in April or May. Depending on what the student’s art talent is, either their art is showcased or they play their instrument for parents, students & club members in attendance.

Our Club has donated money in support of art programs for adults and children, to promote the fine, literary & performing arts. We have also donated many supplies to schools and art centers.

Our members have submitted their art projects such as paintings and crafts for our Distrist Arts Festival. They have also enjoyed nights out for painting parties.

LCWC members have manned art booths/craft tables for children at local community events.

Our Club has worked with kids to create craft activities suitable for preschoolers through 3rd grade at their annual Breakfast with Santa. Children and their parents excitedly decorate holiday crafts each year.

Our Club has donated money to the local high school Graphics Art Department and Instrumental Music Department to help our local students have an opportunity to develop their skills and to help supply any necessary learning tools needed.