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Are you interested in:

  1. Making new friends?
  2. Getting involved in interesting new activities?
  3. The satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in your community?

If you answered yes, then La Crescenta Woman’s Club is for you! You are invited to attend a meeting where you can learn more about our club and our many activities.


Contact our club and come to a monthly meeting. See if La Crescenta Woman’s Club is what you are looking for! Fill out the necessary paperwork, become familiar with their procedures and bylaws. Talk to our membership chairperson at one of the meetings.

Advantages of Membership include fellowship and networking, personal growth, leadership opportunity and group support in accomplishing objectives.

What a better way to establish lifetime friendships while coming together to help our community! Come and join in on the fun. We are looking for enthusiastic, caring and energetic individuals to join our cause.

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Membership Requirements
  • Maintain current annual dues that are due by April 1st
  • All members are responsible for the purchase of one (1) ticket to the main annual Ways and Means event as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Comply with LCWC Bylaws

An applicant shall attend one Club meeting, one Section meeting or one Club function previous to signing an application. Application shall be accompanied by one year’s dues, initiation fee and any applicable prorated dues. (Following receipt of application to the Board of Directors, the applicant shall be received into membership at the following Club, Department, or Section meeting.)

We would appreciate the following
  • Volunteer and Support LCWC projects and additional fundraisers other than the main event required
  • Allow use of photo in news articles, newsletters, websites, etc. for the purpose of reporting and promoting Club activities
  • Learn and volunteer for a Chairmanship position or work on a committee

Contact Us​

Do you have comments or questions about our organization? Would you like to join the fun?

There are several ways to contact us: