Deanna Alfeld began her clubwoman journey in 1978 when she joined the La Canada Junior Woman’s Club. This began years of personal growth and community service. Deanna held many club positions, both chairmanships and Board, leading to the Presidency. After graduating from the Juniors, she continued this path by joining the Verdugo Metropolitan District Juniors, VM District Jr. Board Alumnae and Verdugo District. She completed her journey here at LCWC where she served on committees, on our Board and as President. Her last position was Parliamentarian. With all that Deanna struggled through in her health challenges, she continued her Club responsibilities as much as possible. She was determined to live her life to the fullest! Deanna was a brave woman and admired by so many! She faced life full on, with determination and positivity. We will remember her as a hero and her legacy will continue through the Deanna Alfeld Memorial Scholarship. Deanna was passionate about our scholarship program and was chairperson for many years. We have been recognizing deserving students with scholarships for over 70 years and we will continue on in her memory.